3.16. Transaction marker notification

The Transaction marker notification tool is used to notify users about specific issues that might happen to transactions and usually require quick response. Each time the specified transaction marker is triggered, it will send email notification to user’s email address. For example, if notifications for chargebacks are enabled, user will get a new email notification for each chargeback applied to a processed transaction. Email content can be customized.

The main screen displays a list of all notifications, their status, ID, subject, language, merchant name, message type and marker type.

transaction marker notification

To add a new marker, press the + TRANSACTION MARKER button in the upper right corner. Notification configuration box will appear with the following parameters:

new transaction marker notification
Parameter Description
Status Enabled/Disabled
Marker type:
  • Chargeback
  • Chargeback after ethoca reversal
  • Chargeback after reversal
  • Duplicated chargeback
  • Failed cancels
  • Failed captures
  • Failed PAN eligibility
  • Failed payin session initiators
  • Failed payout session initiators
  • Failed reversals/refunds
  • Failed scorings
  • Fraud
  • Inconsistent order status
  • Incorrect decline code
  • Multiple master approvals
  • Phone verification
  • Processor callback notification
  • Refused payouts
  • Refused refunds
  • Retrieval
  • User defined
Merchant To select a merchant, enter the name or ID of the merchant
Subject All emails for this marker will have this subject
Message type
  • Email - Email with plain text.
  • Email (HTML) - Email with HTML support.
All emails for this marker will have this text message.
Transaction Marker Notification supports next Message template macros. Additionally $!{MARKER_TYPE_NAME} was added.